Madhook 2.0 Z87+ Side Shield

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You asked for it and we made it! Add the all new ANSI Z87+ protection you need when you add-on side shields for the Z87 Madhook 2.0.  With our new TR90 material we offer a thermoplastic material based on Swiss technology. It is a lightweight, durable and impact resistant material which can effortlessly bend under pressure making it less likely to break. In other words It's a lot better than Polycarbonate. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Our all NEW TR90 side shield offer a great lateral protection, there can be fitment instances of the Side Shield not sitting flush with the side of the Z87 MADHOOK 2.0 frame, You will notice a gap if looking at the Madhooks 2.0 from the front view. Please know this does NOT affect the Z87+ coverage.

If plan on using the NEW Madhook 2.0 with our side shield at any job site please verify with your safety supervisor for approval. 

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